A global home furnishing brand, offering contemporary and monumental décor articles

producing innovative pieces that adapt to the ever-evolving trends within interior design.

 At FÉLIE ® we promote and embrace self-care and well being through the world of home décor and believe that ones space should be their sanctuary hence our online community #feliehome🏷 where we are building an empire of beautiful homes. Since the pandemic we recognise the constant yearn for society to feel at home, but also to admire the space  they are in, hence the rise in hotel reservations

which tends to provide its audience with the ambiance and atmosphere that they truly desire.

Well why not bring that into your home? All in all, FÉLIE ® endeavours to deliver décor collections that

are not only specific, but a reflection of the individual consumers lifestyle.

FÉLIE ® will provide you with exquisite décor pieces for spaces of all shapes and sizes with assistance and
specialist knowledge from our team.

Transforming spaces, Transforming lives

Simply because ... We care.

Founder: Feliciana St.Matthew Daniels


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